I have been an attorney since 2007. In my profession, I deal mainly with family matters. Usually, these are divorce, distribution of assets held jointly by ex-spouses, child support, establishment of visitation rights and the place of residence of a child, limitation or termination of parental rights, so-called parental child abductions, adoption, denial or establishment of paternity cases. I also represent clients in court proceedings concerning successions, civil and criminal cases. I cooperate with notary offices, appraisers and mediators on a permanent basis.

I try to help my clients in solving legal issues they face in their everyday lives. My experience shows that sometimes even a little help of an attorney allows them to establish which legal means they should take in order to close the case more quickly. For me, every case is different and requires an individual approach. That is why getting to know my Clients and their needs are of such importance to me.

In all cases I work on, I pay a lot of attention to amicable negotiations, as I know that sometimes it is possible to achieve more by reaching an out-of-court settlement than after long court proceedings. This is especially important in divorce and family law cases in which conflicts between parents translate into their relationship with the children.